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Montezuma Professional Portable Tool Box Small (22 1/2" x 13")
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Getting my son organized

I ordered a MTZ-ME300AL-BK last Feb for my son after we took his car to a local auto part store to change out a weak battery right in the parking lot. It was plenty cold and I wanted to hand in the old battery and make sure the cables etc were OK. I knew he had tools because i had given him a set and it was in his car. Well, half the tools were lost and we froze our butts off trying to make do with a 5" adjustable wrench that barely turned a 10 mm nut buried in a U shaped clamp There was no deep socket for the other side which came unhooked as it loosen and fell down in a tight space. We had no long nosed pliers to fish that out and then stabilize it for reassembly. There wasn't a free finger turn with the corrosion All the tools he had were jumbled up in a box and this was aggravating in that sub zero parking lot with a failing sun.

After a few choice 4 letter words and my son reminding me it was my idea to change this out in Car Quest's parking lot I told him i knew of a tool box that literally could save his a__ the rest of his life. It would have room, missing sizes were obvious, is was indestructible, waterproof, lockable and fairly portable. I thought it would be a great gift. Once, as he reminisced about Xmas gifts he said some of the best were the ones he didn't ask for - like that first set of tools. He needed an update and I didn't like freezing my a__ off in that parking lot (Posted on 8/26/2011)

Ray from Marshfiel, WI

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