Tool Vault 56" 11 Drawer Tool Cabinet
Tool Vault Elite 72" 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet
Montezuma Professional Portable Tool Box Medium (30" x 15")
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Awesome Toolbox

I am a home garage shop hobbiest machinist and welder and have been looking for a large tool box that would allow me to get a bit more organized with the growing inventory of tools and accessories. The problem is that everywhere I looked, the size box I needed was way beyond my budget. I spent months searching Craigslist and google-ing sites in hopes of finding something I could afford that would meet my needs. Eventually, I landed on I probably read every review for every box they had and just kept seeing the same theme...Great quality, Great price, Great customer service. It still took a while for me to pull the trigger but I finally did. I received my 56" bottom/top and side locker toolbox last week and LOVE it. I've already been able to clear out cluttered shelves in my garage by storing everything in the box. Everything you read in these reviews is true. The box is SOLID and I know it will last me for YEARS to come. I would not hesitate to purchase from STB again or recommend their products to my friends. If you want a great toolbox for a great price, get one from STB.

Things I'd like to see:
1. I'd like to see configuration options for the casters. My shop is small, and having an option for SIX swivel casters as opposed to the standard four would be a nice change. I actually put the side cabinet swivels on the bottom box ( for a total of 6) and the fixed ones on the side cabinet. I will likely buy two additional swivels to maximize the mobility of the toolbox in my small garage.

2. I'd like to see multi-box sets come pre configured with matching locks. I suppose this would be a pain for STB but for the CUSTOMER, it'd be greatly appreciated. I can't keep track of ONE set of keys let alone THREE! :)

Overall I LOVE the box and can't wait to fill it up! (Posted on 12/4/2012)

Steve from Anaheim Hills, CA

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