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41" Tool Boxes, Roller Cabinets, & Tool Chests

41" Deluxe Portable Workstation Set

Item #: EX-PWSRC4129TX

Our Price: $2,229.00

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hands down one of the best tool boxes you can get at this price. I couldn't bring myself to spend thousands on a big name box. this one has plenty of storage and the quality is pretty good. I've owned craftsman boxes before but when I needed a larger set up like this I couldn't find a craftsman box that was in the same price range that offered everything this one does.
I only have a couple of problems with this box. the paint is not the best quality as there was a few small blemishes and some orange peel. but I work in a heavy equipment shop a there will be a time that some idiot will bump into it with something.
the bottom drawer on the top chest would catch when I pulled it out. all I had to do was lightly tap the frame down a lil to straighten it as it must have gotten a little bent from the store or during shipment.
but the biggest problem I have is the drawer liners a very cheap and aren't cut to an exact fit. so when you push the drawer in your tools will start to slide back. fix: just buy some good liners and cut them yourself.
the box has plenty of storage and what really got me was the drawers were shallow instead of deep. so there isn't a lot of wasted space with my tools in there.
after you get your box the will send you matching sets of locks so they will all be the same key. I just kind of thought they should key them all before they send your order.
when you unlock the top chest you don't have to open the lid to get into the drawers which is nice if I have to grab something really quick.
I would definitely recommend this one to a friend or just anyone for that matter that is looking for a good quality box from a company that has excellent customer service. (Posted on 1/31/2014)

Joel from Kenmare, North Dakota

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