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56" Tool Boxes, Roller Cabinets, & Tool Chests

Extreme 56" 21 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX5621-Cart-Special

Our Price: $2,485.00

Extreme 56" 30 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX5621Special-2

Our Price: $2,820.00

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Extreme tool box

I had been shopping for a tool box off of the major tool truck for 6 months trying to get a decent tool box without breaking the bank. After the typical credit pitch where the payments and interest totals more than a new car, I said no thanks!! A guy I work with told me to check out Strictly Tool Boxes. I could'nt believe that I could get a bigger and better tool box for a fraction of what my tool guy tried to sell me. The tool box is very stout and has a ton of space. I use the tool box everyday and have'nt had any issues . Probably one the best deals out there!! The only problem is that I don't have enough room for another one!! (Posted on 8/31/2011)

Jonathon from Lugoff, South Carolina

View Product: 56" Extreme Tool Boxes 21 Drawer Tool Cabinet & Top Chest