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I bought this toolbox to replace the 30 year old craftsman. The ToolValt box drawers are really smooth and seemed to be sturdy which I like. I like the casters which are made heavy and have grease fittings to maintain smooth operation. This box more than doubled the storage space of my old box and was over more than 50% cheaper than the tool truck boxes. It also came with a free side locker!
The only two things I dislike are the spot welds are showing in several spots making the sheet metal look thin. The black powder coat needs to be deeper black. Looks kind of milky like it is lacking pigment in the color. These are probably just ways to keep the cost down so it is still affordable.
One minor organization problem is with the new Hansen socket holder. The brace across the top lid hits the 1/2 inch drive unless you keep them slid to the back. The only other place to conveniently put the sockets is in the deep top drawer of the bottem box. You could possibly overload this drawer if you filled it with sockets standing upright on hansen socket holders.
Overall the quality of this box is above average for the price. Most boxes of this quality cost much more.
I would definitely recommend this box to a friend and have done so several times already. (Posted on 3/29/2013)

Gary from Chaffee, Missouri

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