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I'm a Heavy Duty Technician and have been in the field for 4 years now. I stared with a Craftmans box and out grew it very quickly. I'm a person that hates to stack tools on top of each other. I had talk to the tool truck's and looked at craftsman again. Craftsman where not big enough for me and the wife wasn't going to let me spend 10k on a box. I stumbled upon STB and found this box. It was perfect but i thought there was a catch. Did some research on it and found nothin bad. When the Box showed up some co-workers where mad because they had spent more money on the tool truck's and had a smaller box. I have no dislikes about the box. I love the storage, size, and the quality of extreme tools. Proud to own the box. . I'm proud to be a owner of a extreme tools and will definitely recommend anyone looking for boxes to (Posted on 4/22/2013)

Casey from Billings, Montana

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