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Portable Tool Boxes & Tool Carts

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Awesome box! Look no further

This is my first REAL box I've bought and I am very pleased with my purchase. I looked at other boxes for months before I made my big purchase. Here were some deciding factors for me: (1) Price VS storage area, I looked at other boxes that were in the same price range and with the Tool Vault I am getting at least 4 more drawers. (2) Shipping was included in the price. Other boxes I looked at (because I wanted a blue box) would charge a ridiculous shipping price because they did not stock that color. (3) SIX CASTERS!! If you want your box to hold up over time you need STABILIZATION!!! (4) 100lbs per drawer!! (5) Want matching keys for both boxes?? No problem, Strictlytoolboxes will send you matching key FREE OF CHARGE!! (6) The drawers will open with the lid down and come with drawer liners. The only thing would have liked to have on this box is locking drawers instead of detents but the drawers shut good.

This box is well built and the finish looks great. I would highly recommend this box to anyone looking to upgrade. The shipping was super fast!! Ordered it on a Sunday night, was shipped on Monday and I received it on Tuesday!! Don't think you can do any better than that! I am highly recommending not only this box to everyone looking for a new box, but also STRICTLYTOOLBOXES.COM!! I will definitely refer you guys to everyone I know.

Thanks Again, Mike (Posted on 6/11/2013)

Mike from Citrus Springs, FL

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