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I bought (2) of the 56" Montezuma 21 drawer tool box sets and the only problem I have is that I don't own enough tools to fill them yet! I was a little skeptical to make a large purchase site un-seen, but after reading the specs and reviews for the tool box I was sold. I had received my tool boxes, but the delivery guy damaged one while unloading it, heavier than he thought I guess. I called Strictly Toolboxes and they talked me through the process and shipped out my replacement tool box the next day. Great Service! I'm very pleased with the fit/finish of the tool boxes and the casters/drawer guides roll supper smooth. The keys are all different for the individual tool boxes, though I don't lock them up, it would be nice if the were keyed alike. Overall I am very pleased with the Montezuma Tool Boxes and the service at Strictly Toolboxes! (Posted on 2/18/2012)

Joe from Brandon, MS

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