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Portable Tool Boxes

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tool vault is awsome

I purchased this box because of the price I recently just signed a $4,000 contract. With snap on so I don't have that much extra cash to through around but I needed something with a lot of volume so I bought this particular tool box because of volume I can fit all my tools in the box and it is deffinately an eye. Catcher too. The drawers are deffinately quality as well as the side locker is awsome the only down fall I believe is the side locker can slide forward and back which is no biggy and I wish the side locker came with its own stainless steel hand rail like the box to match the other side other than that I use this box everyday as afull time diesel technician and I love (Posted on 7/21/2013)

drew from west chester , Pennsylvania

View Product: 56" Tool Vault 21 Drawer Tool Cabinet w/Top Chest & Side Cabinet