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We have been using the EX7217RC for 2 months now, and from day 1 it has exceeded all expectations. I own the production manufacturing facility, Evans Production Engineering Co. and the culture in manufacturing is to only purchase Kennedy Brand tool boxes. When the maintenance department approached me asking for a larger box I told them to Research the cost of a new box that will meet all of our requirements, and stay in budget. STRICTLY TOOL BOXES Provided all of the information and specifications needed to make a sound decision. And the Extreme Tools tool box Exceeded all requirements on paper. The order and delivery processeswent very smoothly. Strictly Tool Boxes provided clear shipping information and instructions for receiving the box. For the first time we are able to put all of the tools in one tools box, Including the 30" pipe wrench (Posted on 3/12/2013)

Thomas from St.Louis, Missouri

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