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Side Cabinets & Lockers

Tool Vault 3 Shelf Side Cabinet

Item #: TV-1956SL

Our Price: $525.00

6 Reviews

Extreme 3 Drawer Side Locker

Item #: EX1603SC

Our Price: $647.00

2 Reviews

Tool Vault 72" Elite 3 Drawer Side Cabinet

Item #: TV-7203SL

Our Price: $1,100.00

2 Reviews

Extreme Tool Boxes 4 Drawer Side Locker

Item #: EX2404SC

Our Price: $1,520.00

1 Review

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Looks Classy and built tough

I own a auto body shop so I decided to upgrade my old Mxxxx toolbox. My other techs have nice Cxxxxxx toolbox and sxxx-ox toolbox and when you see them your first impression is “wow, look at those nice toolboxes”. They were very impressive from my point of view and they did bring some class to my shop when they brought their tool boxes in. That is when I wanted a upgrade both sxxx-ox and cxxxxxxxx said I have this toolbox for $5700 but it was not as big as the Montezuma. Cxxxxxxx said I can get you a similar toolbox for around $4200. I looked at both of them and the toolboxes were pretty sharp nice colors the only thing that they lacked was the amount of drawers and the size of the drawers also the nice color the toolbox is. That is when my mind was made up to get me the Montezuma.

When my toolbox came and we unpacked it you could just see the look in techs eyes when we got it all unpacked and put the handles on the beautiful toolbox. The first words out their mouths were “How Much did you pay for this?”. Later that day my one tech said to the sxxx-ox man “I wanna try and sell my toolbox”. That put a smile on my face when I heard it.

I love this toolbox - plenty of room, nice and big, color is great, the quality is top notch, and customer service is right on point. I had to give a key to my son called them up and without question they sent me 2 keys free of charge. My experience with strictly tool boxes has been a good one. Great company to do business with! Way to go guys!

I'm already setting up to make my next buy. A side cabinet and hutch. Now when customers come in they see my toolbox first out of the other 3 toolboxes. My toolbox is the real eye catcher! Thanks STB.

PS . I almost forgot when sxxx-ox saw it the first thing he said was that it was not good quality. Our boxes are painted on the inside and most boxes you get online are just painted on the outside and the bearings are junk as well. Being the Asshole I am I said “Really?” in front of a shop full of people “Lets see.” we walked over to my toolbox and I pulled out the top draw and checked with my flash light. I said “Looks all painted to me!” then I went and stepped into the bottom draw and said push the draw in and out while I was standing in it again without any problems drawer worked great! I weigh 260 pounds. That sure shut him up. (Posted on 11/12/2011)

Rich from Baltimore,Maryland

View Product: Tool Vault Elite 72" 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet