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Best box for the money

Wife surprised me with box after I have been talking about it for about a year, been reading on this box everyday for the past year when I got it I was so impressed by the size and quality, has beautiful stainless top with nice spring casters and has good draw liners the nice sticky ones like same as krl boxes and love that drawers open all the way out which is a great feature. If your on the fence about it just get it. All other techs were all over the box and the hutch is amazing so big and the shelf is perfect I added a light and I couldn't be happier, this is hands down the best box for the money and no corners were cut here. It's professional quality not just your diy box. (Posted on 2/28/2015)

Iggy from Fall River, Ma.

View Product: Tool Vault 72" Elite 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet with Hutch