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Montezuma 56" 21 drawer combo

I was looking for a tool chest to replace the stackable Craftsman rolling tool chest I've had for almost 20 years. The current toolbox was very over loaded and just not up to the task anymore. I needed something with rolling glides, wheels that won't flat spot under load and constructed from a decent gauge material that won't break the bank. My goals were simple or so I thought after looking through a myrad of boxes from different sources.

There are a number of decent units to choose from however the cost is through the roof. Conversely there are a number of very low priced units that don't cut the mustard. I was pleased to find and the assortment and quality not to mention decent prices for the units. Not only can you find a decent product but you can customize the configuration, drawer sizes etc.. as you see fit.

I purchased the Montezuma 56" 21 drawer combo in blue. When the toolboxes were delivered there was some worry and the cardboard had some damage. However the units were well packed and did not have a scratch on them. Its' amazing how much stuff from other places shows up damaged. So I was very pleased with the packing of the toolboxes, took a while to get it all off. Assembly was very easy, just bolt on the handle and the wheels and your good to go. Then lay down the top protector and set the top box down and roll it away. I used some tie down straps and a chain hoist to raise and lower the top box into position.

The blue color is very pleasing to look at and the finish is very nice. The unit rolls nicely on the six casters and is easy to position. All the drawers slide in and out smoothly and have a slight catch to them when closed. Also included are mats that are pre-cut to size and fit nicely in all the drawers and top storage.

I transferred all the tools from my Craftsman toolboxes and other places tool were sitting around. Some of the drawers are heavily loaded with 3/4 sockets, wrenches etc.. and other with large 2+ inch wrenches on down the previous toolbox could not handle. Everything slides in and out just fine, something I was a little worried about before buying this.

All in all I'm very happy with this purchase and would buy it again in second. I will be purchasing a side box for this for some of the bulkier tools around the shop.

I don't really have any cons but if were to be nit picky:
It would be nice to have a little more height on the top lid of the toolbox. ...(Posted on 8/21/2011)

Montezuma 56" 21 drawer combo
Montezuma 56" 21 drawer combo