Do I need a delivery appointment?

Commercial Deliveries

Although it is not required Strictly Toolboxes highly recommends that you call your local freight delivery terminal to schedule a delivery appointment as soon as your shipment is in motion.

If you do not schedule a delivery appointment your freight carrier will arrive without notice, with your toolbox and expect that you will be present for inspection.

If someone other than yourself signs for your shipment without inspecting it, they are signing a binding contract with the freight carrier stating that your shipment arrived in perfect condition without damage and you will be unable to file a claim.

Residential Deliveries

All residential deliveries will require contact with your local freight terminal before the carrier will attempt delivery.

If your freight carrier is not able to speak with you they will hold your shipment at their terminal.

If you are having trouble locating the phone number to your local terminal please contact Strictly Toolboxes at 888-289-1952 and we will be happy to look it up for you.

Perfect in Every Way

I am a guy with a lot of tools, although I don't make my living with them.

Wanted a tool box a lot larger than available at the big box stores and didn't want to pay the price charged by the guys who drive around in the tool trucks. I was replacing a 30 year old Craftsman box which had served me well, but which I had outgrown.

Found Strictly Toolboxes on The Garage Forum. Combination of positive reviews and the reasonable price and I was sold.

Purchased the 72" Tool Box Elite Combo in black and paid the additional $30 for a lift gate delivery. Shipped quickly. ABF was transport company and driver provided updates on the day of delivery. Driver was able to navigate my driveway and dropped the pallet in one of the bays of my garage.

Product was extremely well packaged and the driver was amenable to waiting while I took apart the pallet/packaging. Driver even helped me. Visual inspection of the box and hutch showed no freight damage so I signed the bill of lading the driver departed.

Three hours later and the box was ready to go. You will need help from a couple of buddies or an engine hoist (which is what I used) to place the hutch on the cabinet as it's heavy and bulky. My single criticism of the instructions is the failure to advise the user that holes have to be drilled in the stainless/mdf top. I knew about this based on reading other's reviews and the guys at Strictly Toolboxes advised they have already or will soon update the instructions. There are "X's" painted on the underside of the top (on the MDF) and they were perfectly placed. After drilling the holes they lined up perfectly with the threaded holes in the cabinet top.

The box was as advertised. The quality of construction is great. The quality of the paint may not be quite as nice as the boxes off the tool trucks (not as shiny or as "deep"), but under the harsh fluorescent lights in my work space, the black finish looks fine. The detents in the drawers are set at just the right point. The quality of the stainless top is great with a very nice pattern embossed on it.

As follow up, I asked for matching locksets (for cabinet and hutch) and the guys at Strictly Toolboxes responded same day and shipped the lockset.

I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and have already invited the neighborhood over to see my new toy. Everyone is suitably impressed. Thanks, Strictly Toolboxes. ...(Posted on 9/2/2015)

Perfect in Every Way
Perfect in Every Way