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Extreme Roller Cabinets, Tool Boxes, & Tool Chests by Size

Extreme Tool Boxes 32" 4 Drawer Tool Cart

Item #: EX3204TC

Our Price: $625.00

3 Reviews

Extreme 3 Drawer Side Locker

Item #: EX1603SC

Our Price: $647.00

2 Reviews

Extreme 41" Portable Workstation Chest

Item #: EX-PWS4100TX

Our Price: $785.00

11 Reviews

Extreme 36" 5 Drawer Road Box

Item #: EX-TXRSB-3605BK

Our Price: $604.00

30” Extreme Portable Workstation Combo Set

Item #: EX-PWSRC3018TX

Our Price: $1,189.00

2 Reviews

Extreme 56" 18 Drawer RXE Series Tool Box Set

Item #: EX-RXE5618

Our Price: $1,490.00

14 Reviews

Extreme Tool Boxes 56" 11 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: EX5611RC

Our Price: $1,399.00

22 Reviews

Extreme Tool Boxes 55" Professional Hutch

Item #: EX5501HC

Our Price: $1,505.00

1 Review

Extreme Tool Boxes 4 Drawer Side Locker

Item #: EX2404SC

Our Price: $1,520.00

1 Review

41” Extreme Portable Workstation Combo Set

Item #: EX-PWSRC4118TX

Our Price: $1,565.00

3 Reviews

Extreme 55" 10 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: EX5510CH

Our Price: $1,775.00

1 Review

56" Extreme 21 Drawer Tool Cabinet & Top Chest

Item #: EX5621CR

Our Price: $1,995.00

25 Reviews

41" Deluxe Portable Workstation Set

Item #: EX-PWSRC4129TX

Our Price: $2,229.00

Extreme 72" 15 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: EX7215CH

Our Price: $2,475.00

1 Review

Extreme 56" 24 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX5621Special

Our Price: $2,485.00

9 Reviews

Extreme 56" 21 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX5621-Cart-Special

Our Price: $2,485.00

1 Review

Extreme 72" 18 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: EX7218RC

Our Price: $2,545.00

26 Reviews

Extreme 55" 11 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: EX5511RC

Our Price: $2,795.00

15 Reviews

Extreme 56" 30 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX5621Special-2

Our Price: $2,820.00

1 Review

Extreme 56" 27 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX5621Special3

Our Price: $2,975.00

Extreme 70" Mobile Pit Box

Item #: EX-TXPIT7009

Our Price: $3,350.00

1 Review

Extreme 72" 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: EX7217RC

Our Price: $3,467.00

29 Reviews

Extreme 76" 12 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: EX7612RC

Our Price: $4,215.00

1 Review

Extreme 55" 21 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX5521CR

Our Price: $4,250.00

3 Reviews

Extreme 72" 23 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX7217-3

Our Price: $6,740.00

3 Reviews

Extreme 72" 29 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX7217-4

Our Price: $8,190.00

1 Review

Extreme Power Tool Rack


Our Price: $33.99

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Montezuma 72 Elite with Hutch

I am a professional industrial mechanic who builds, repairs, and installs heavy equipment such as high pressure diaphragm compressors, pilot plants, and chemical reactors. My tool box does not get moved often, but it is full of heavy tools. Wrenches up to 2" and sockets up to 4" are used on a daily basis. These drawers will be loaded up with up to 200lbs, so I hope they last! I searched for almost a year for a tool box that would work, and these Montezuma's seemed like the best deal. I hope my review answers a lot of the questions that are not answered by the product description.

About the tool box:
Purchasing: Buying the toolbox could not have been any easier. I called Shannon up and asked a bunch of detailed questions. He was quick with the detailed answers. He had to check delivery time on the hutch, and got Montezuma on the phone while I waited. He had an answer within 1 minute. After ordering the tool box, Joe called me the next day to let me know the toolbox has shipped, and to confirm the emails that he sent me detailing the shipping information.

Delivery: The tool box was delivered in 3 business day (impressive from KS to PA over a holiday weekend). It arrived safely with no visible damage to the packaging. The FedEx driver was patient and gave me no problems doing a full inspection of the toolbox. He admitted that he was very curious to see what a 1400 lb, $4000 toolbox looked like. The crate was solidly built around the toolbox, and the hutch is folded up and flat packaged with about 200 sq ft of 1/2" thick styrofoam. Well done Montezuma!

Assembly: The rolling cabinet comes with the wheels attached, so no assembly is required. The detents in the drawers are very tight and it will feel like the drawers are locked, but they are not. The keys and spare detents were in the top widest drawer. In order to attach the hutch, you need to remove the stainless top of the rolling cabinet, flip it over and finish the holes that were started in the MDF. I drilled 1/2" diameter holes so that there would be sufficient clearance. (started out with 3/8", but it was too tight) Metric hex head bolts are supplied for attaching the hutch to the rolling cabinet. They work, but should probably be about 1/4" longer. The 2 bolts that go in the rear are difficult to install, so I replaced them with socket head cap screws(M8 i think??). The hutch is supplied with (4) lifting eyebolts which will make installation much easier if you have access to a crane/engine hoist/forklift and lifting straps. The lifting points have an M12 thread. (my toolbox came with (3) M12's and (1) M10, but luckily I had extra M12's in my arsenal of rigging supplies). The hutch is folded flat for shipping, and I thought it would be difficult to assemble. It is hinged at 3 points and goes together very easily. I lifted it by the 4 points with an overhead crane (see pic) and it just about fell together into place. Once assembled and installed on top of the rolling cabinet, i had a bit of difficulty figuring out what was keeping the hutch door from sliding. There are two bolts holding in small angle clips in the top rear left and right corners. Remove these two bolts and the hutch door will slide freely.

Dimensions: The strictlytoolboxes dimensions for the tool box must include the lifting eyes. The actual dimensions are 73" tall (without eyebolts), 72 7/8" long (79 1/8" with handles), with the hutch being 26.5" tall.

Hutch: The door is very heavy and solid, you almost need two hands to open/close it. The pegboard is strong enough to hold a good bit of weight, and it has standard 1' spacing with 1/4" holes. The shelf is 12.5" deep and made of a 300 series stainless (not magnetic). It is adjustable to 5 different positions from about 12" high to 20" high. It seems like it will easily hold 100+ lbs. The lock on the hutch is the same design as a standard garage door with full length solid round bar on each side the securely locks into a slot. The bar is 5/16" (8mm) thick. The heavy door slides easily on 1.5" nylon rollers, and has a heavy full-length piano hinge.

Rolling Cabinet: The top is 1" thick MDF, with a 400 series stainless top (magnetic). The stainless is about 1/16"-3/32" thick, with a nice small checkerboard pattern. The pattern is nice, because scratches will blend in. The drawer detents are very tight to the point that it almost feels locked. I guess they have a to break in a little bit. The drawers are very solid and stiff, you can open the widest drawer by pulling on the very edge of it. The stiffeners underneath the drawers help a lot in keeping the drawers from bowing under heavy load. The wheels are great! They make it very easy to move the toolbox into tight areas. Because there are four turning wheels, the tool box can be pushed right into an opening along the wall (the spring on the center two wheels will allow them to lift up and be out of the way). I can move the full loaded toolbox in and out of the opening you see in the pics by myself.

Finally a Conclusion: After searching for almost a year for a perfect toolbox, I found it. Do not look any further-you won't find a better product for the price or better customer service. (Posted on 7/19/2011)


View Product: Tool Vault 72" Elite 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet with Hutch