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Extreme 41" Roller Cabinets, Tool Boxes, & Tool Chests

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Ford Senior Master Tech

I was very hesitant in buying a new box being i've been in the business 33yrs and have had only 2 boxes, but after checking with matco and snapon dealers and saw what the prices were for a box that i wanted i was like forget it. Then i started searching on internet to see what was out there and came across strictly toolboxes.I was quite surprised to see what i could get for the money i was looking to spend. So after checking all reviews i felt pretty confident with the purchase. So i ordered box A 72 elite with hutch and had it in less then a week. Boy was i happy when i saw it. It was made well and was bigger then i expected. I work for a ford dealer and we have 12 techs and everybody was impressed with box. When my matco dealer and snapon dealer saw box they were also surprised on quality of box. So my point to this is if you need a box buy from strictly tool box you will not be disappointed.

William Webster
Ford Senior Master Technician (Posted on 6/19/2014)

ump1965 from Ansonia,Ct

View Product: Tool Vault 72" Elite 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet with Hutch