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Extreme 41" Roller Cabinets, Tool Boxes, & Tool Chests

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Best tool box for the money, PERIOD!

I have been researching the high end toolboxes for more than a year. I looked at everything from budget to high end tool boxes. The lower end would not cut it in my line of work and the high end tool boxes were way out of my price range. I ran across and was very hesitant to jump on the Montezuma bandwagon, only because I have never seen one in person. To make a long story short, I took the chance and I can say, I think this is probably the best surprise I have ever had when buying online.
The toolbox was shipped with so much padding it took me longer to unpack it than to stock it with my tools. The only complaint I have with my entire purchase is with the shipping company. There was a little damage to the back but I couldn't do anything about it because the shipping company Saia had someone other than myself sign for it. I should have been the ONLY one authorized to sign for my box. Anyway, the toolbox was shipped extremely fast. The toolbox matches the best boxes I have seen in quality. I have people come up to my box and can't believe I have twice the toolbox they have for a third of the price.
Bottom line, buy this toolbox if you are in need of a heavy duty, great quality and extremely heavy tool chest. I believe that this tool box will last me the rest of my career. Once I decide that I am in need for more room, you can bet that I will be purchasing a top box from Strictly Tool Boxes. And one more thing, if you have ever heard of the term “supply and demand”, you will understand what I am about to say. You better buy one of these soon because once the cats out of the bag about these toolboxes, the price will start to match the quality. (Posted on 3/20/2012)

Bryan from Omaha, NE

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