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Extreme 72" Roller Cabinets, Tool Boxes, & Tool Chests

Featured Review

This tool box is super stout

I received my tool cabinet today and this tool cabinet is super stout. I had 30 technicians, not including sales parts and service advisors eyeballing the tool box. My favorite sayings today were “weighs over 1000 pounds” and “German paint and a stainless top”.

The guy that works next to me saw on your website and compared my toolbox to his. My tool box has 1.2mm steel so he checked his Sxxx-ox tool box. The Sxxx-ox steel was 1.34 so minus the paint probably 1.2mm as well. The Sxxx-ox tool box cost him 6500 dollars and is didn’t have a stainless top. It is shorter and not as deep as my tool box. It also has 2 fewer casters.

I am not complaining and I am not sending my toolbox back. You can’t have it! There were 2 things wrong with the toolbox. A minor 2 inch ding in back side of tool box. You have to look side ways to see it. The major concern was that almost all the wheel bolts where loose and 2 where missing. I tightened them up and installed 2 new bolts. While working on the casters I saw the construction inside the box and it is very well build.

The trucking company you used had my # but didn’t call me. They allowed a parts guy to sign off on it. I just wanted to let you know. The tool box is very well packed. My only recommendation is that you tell your customers to check their wheel bolts. Thank you so much for the great deal. I am trying to send you business, and helping to get the word out (Posted on 6/30/2011)


View Product: Extreme 72" 18 Drawer Tool Cabinet w/Stainless Steel Top