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Extreme Roller Cabinets & Tool Cabinets

Extreme 41" 11 Drawer 24" Deep Tool Cabinet

Item #: EX-PWS4124RCTX

Our Price: $1,144.00

Extreme 55" 11 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: EX5511RC

Our Price: $2,795.00

Extreme 72" 18 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: EX7218RC

Our Price: $2,695.00

Extreme 72" 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: EX7217RC

Our Price: $3,595.00

Extreme 70" Mobile Pit Box

Item #: EX-TXPIT7009

Our Price: $3,350.00

Extreme 76" 12 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: EX7612RC

Our Price: $4,215.00

Extreme Power Tool Rack


Our Price: $33.99

Extreme Tool & Can Organizer


Our Price: $69.99

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56" Montezuma Tool Boxes

I purchased the Montezuma 56" tool box for the price and size. I needed a monster tool box to hold my tools, good thing I bought this one! I had plenty of room to fill and organize the drawers full of my tool collection! I like the smooth rolling drawer guides and the mixture of shallow and deep drawers. So far I have no dislikes for this tool box. Online purchasing was simple and problem free. The tool boxes were packaged very well, made it quickly through shipping and without a scratch. My wife an I easily assembled and stacked the tool boxes. I've been recommending to co-workers and friends.

Thank you for the GREAT service and quality built tool box (Posted on 8/26/2011)

John from Loris, South Carolina

View Product: 56" Tool Vault 21 Drawer Tool Cabinet & Top Chest