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Extreme Roller Cabinets & Tool Cabinets

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Awesome tool chest and awesome customer service!

I found this site from my online forums, as they are a sponser over there. On my forum, many members have purchased this tool chest, and were blown away by it. Normally I would not think about spending this amount for a toolchest but soon realized that my little 22" wide craftsman tool chest that I had for about 4 years now is full. I have so many tools that they are everywhere in other smaller tool boxes because I had filled it all up and it's sort of a pain searching for tools from one box to another ..etc. This is not a cheap tool box. At least from the stand point of price, anytime you are spending over $1000+ for something it's hard not to want to look at it in person, pull the drawers out, walk around the thing..etc. In fact this is the first time in spending this type of money on something that I didn't actually get to see or touch in person... go

Shannon and Joe were really great because I had explained to them that we were moving and the current location just could not accommodate this tool chest in the garage. They were extremely nice and held it for me for about 3-4 month until it could be delivered to the new house we just moved into. I actually had to push the delivery date back a week or two on top of that as well because I was laying an epoxy floor down in my garage and wanted to make sure it was done and fully cured before adding something like this to the floor. (Garage is still not done but that's ok, you can at least see the tool chest)

I'm EXTREMELY happy that I got one of the three yellows that were available from the site... Not a fan of blue and at this price didn't want a black one, seemed to plain to me.

I think I kind of knew what I was getting from reading the reviews here and seeing pictures but I honestly was in for a shock when it finally arrived at my house. The tool chest is big! It's AWESOME quality. I was worried about how the drawers would pull out and how much force was needed or if it wasn't smooth..etc. Rest assured that this is a really nice tool chest. The gas pistons on the top lid are smooth and don't fling the top open like a sling shot. This tool chest is heavy, so make sure if you are loading it you get help!

I left the black piece of board that is on the lower chest on when I put the top part of the chest on, I figured this would be good because it won't scratch the bottom chest trying to move it around trying to get it lined up..etc. I found out that by doing so you can not use the little metal safety bars on the back of the toolchest to prevent someone from hanging and possibly pulling the top of the tool chest down and falling on say a kid. So if you have kids be mindful of that. I have no plans on hanging from the drawer, so I am keeping it as is, plus I like the look of the black piece, as it seperates the two and gives a nice contrast with the black extreme badges on the front.

Overall, some reservations that I had before I purchased the tool chest mainly because I wasn't able to see or touch it in person, are completely gone now that it's here standing in front of me! I see this lasting a very long time!

A+ on service
A+ on quailty of the tool chest
A+ on the delivery
A+ on my entire experience with Shannon and Joe

I do not regret this tool chest purchase at all, plus my friends are in awe of it :-)

Very few things make me this happy and knowing how pleasant the entire experience was is a great feeling to know that if you have questions (which I did) you can call and actually talk to them!

-Nigel (Posted on 7/4/2012)

Nigel from Gainesville, Virginia

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