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Extreme Top Chests & Tool Chests

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Great ToolBox

First let me say I have been waiting for this for so long, I have had a 56" top bottom and locker for a while now and it was time to get a bigger box. of course after looking around all I could find is how much tool companys like to take advantage of techs. I couldnt even get a used box for this price, One of the hardest things for me to swallow was giving somebody this much money without having any reassurance that I would actually get my product. Well I sat on my hands for over a year before I finally made the decision to get it. When I called Shannon he answered all my questions and made everything seem so easy so I was alot more calm after talking to him and with a tracking number in my email I was at ease. I just waited about 5 working days ( ran over the weekend) when it showed up, it was packed better than I could have imagined so it took a while to get it broken down to do the inspection but lucky for me no problems and I was on my way. couldnt have been more impressed with the construction of this box. talkng about strong and rugged, this will truly be my last box ever. maybe just add another locker down the road. Well with the money I saved I now can buy more tools which who dosent love doing that. LOL. I told all my coworkers to sell there overpriced boxes and get something that is just as good for a fraction of the cost. I did forget to mention one problem........ It took forever to figure out how to get the top box on top of the bottom box, finally just put it on a two post lift and got it high enough to put up there. well theres not a whole lot to say but if it wasnt for this being a internet purchase Im sure more people would get these and montezuma would have a good corner in the market. I couldnt be happier and look forward to a second locker and I also have my eye on that 36" tool cart too. thanks to everybody at!! (Posted on 10/23/2012)

James from Burleson, Texas

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