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Extreme Top Chests & Tool Chests

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Great Tool Box

I have had this toolbox now for about a month, and have used it alot. This tool box works great for me as a top for a roll around cart or for outside of work projects. If you use the toolbox for a service truck there is a hole in the back that will allow water to come in, not a big deal for a rubber grommet. Don't worry about the gas shocks holding up your sockets it can handle it and then some. The only down side that I have found is that impact sockets are too big for the space between the pegs. You have to skip pegs for some sockets, but these are up to 36mm sockets. Same way with your wrenches if your are hanging gear wrenches, but you can make them fit. Finally if you want to hang your rachets up it will work if they dont have a rubber grip at the bottom, or if they do a carbide bit can persuade them. Overall I work in a shop and in the field for a steel mill, and this tool box has really help me keep up with tools. It also makes you more proficient, time is money and this tool box helps. I would recommend this toolbox to any mechanic. Alot of the guys in my shop now are saving money to buy one. (Posted on 3/27/2012)

mikedoug425 from Tuscaloosa, Al

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