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Extreme Top Chests & Tool Chests

Extreme 41" 8 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: EX4108CH

Our Price: $599.00

Extreme 56" 10 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: EX5610CH

Our Price: $925.00

Extreme 55" 10 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: EX5510CH

Our Price: $1,775.00

Extreme 72" 15 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: EX7215CH

Our Price: $2,475.00

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Look no more! This is the one for the $$$!

I worked out of a Mac Economizer 2000 (61" tall 27" wide 18" deep) for 20 years and couldn't ever afford a big fancy tool box from the tool truck. After running out of room for several years, I started looking on the internet for tool boxes. Come across and found this one for half the $$$ that you would pay on the tool truck. This tool box holds all of my tools and plenty room for more with almost 50,000 cubic in. and the stainless steel top is a bonus! My only dislike is that the top has a rough feel to it instead of smooth. All of my co-workers were very impressed and I would highly recommend this tool box to anyone who wants a great tool box for a great deal! (Posted on 3/10/2012)

Jeff from Mt. Juliet, TN

View Product: Extreme 72" 18 Drawer Tool Cabinet w/Stainless Steel Top