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Extreme Top Chests & Tool Chests

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Excellent toolbox for the price.

I am a 10 year professional auto tech. I bought the 72" Pro box when I needed more toolbox space. I have previously owned truck brand toolbox's. I would have bought another toolbox off the truck, but I was having a hard time justifying the 10K price tag. For less than half the price I bought the Extreme toolbox. I have been using the toolbox daily for over a month now. The Extreme toolbox seams very well built and I don't feel it is any lower quality than a toolbox off the tool truck. This is a very heavy and solid box, it takes some serious effort to move it around.

Dealing with was very pleasant, they were quick to return emails and calls. I had the toolbox less than a week after ordering it. The toolbox came on a heavy wooden pallet in a wooden crate. It was very well packaged.

The finish of the toolbox is very nice, the paint has a nice glossy look to it. The drawer handles have a very solid quality feel to them. The drawer slides are smooth, even on my heaviest loaded drawers. The included stainless top makes a nice work surface, and I have yet to dent it. One feature that would make the top a bit nicer would be a raised edge on the front to prevent tools from rolling off.

The locking system works better than any other toolbox I have owned. The drawers have spring loaded catches on them so if the toolbox is locked with a drawer open, the drawer can still be shut and locked.

My only serious complaint with the toolbox is the detent system used to keep the drawers shut. They are very stiff and it takes a solid push and pull to shut and open the drawers. Each time I do this all the tools in the drawer slide back and forth. The drawer liners are run of the mill foam liners and not very tacky.

Overall I am very happy with the toolbox for the money paid. I feel this is a toolbox that will last a long time even in a daily use situation. (Posted on 8/17/2011)

Lucas from MN

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