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Montezuma Tool Boxes, Roller Cabinets, & Tool Chests by Size

36" Montezuma Tool Boxes Crossover Tool Chest

Item #: MTZ-XL450

Our Price: $515.00

14 Reviews

Montezuma Portable Tool Box (30" x 19")

Item #: MTZ-LA400

Our Price: $520.00

19 Reviews

Montezuma 41" 8 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: MTZ-BK4108CH

Our Price: $565.00

4 Reviews

56" Montezuma 7 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: MTZ-BK5607CH

Our Price: $697.00

1 Review

Montezuma 41" 11 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: MTZ-BK4111TC

Our Price: $758.00

2 Reviews

Montezuma 56" 11 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: MTZ-BK5611TC

Our Price: $1,095.00

22 Reviews

Montezuma 41" 19 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: MTZ-BK4119C

Our Price: $1,157.00

6 Reviews

Montezuma 72" Tool Box Hutch

Item #: MTZ-7200H

Our Price: $1,190.00

Montezuma 36" 14 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: MTZ-BK3614C

Our Price: $1,279.00

1 Review

Montezuma 56" 18 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: MTZ-BK5618C

Our Price: $1,650.00

6 Reviews

Montezuma Elite 72" 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: MTZ-7217MZ

Our Price: $3,075.00

1 Review

Montezuma Elite 72" 36 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: MTZ-EliteCombo6

Our Price: $6,800.00

1 Review

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Great process

I have just received my 72" tool vault 16 drawer tool chest. I couldn't have been happier with the whole process. From ordering online to when I called customer service to discuss questions I had about additional sliders (which yes STB can send you more not that you would need them).
I was very impressed at how quickly I received the order. The crate was as most of the reviews suggest... fantastic.. It protected the toolbox as promised and looked great as well. Even the FedEx guy was impressed.
I got a call from FedEx the day before delivery and they told me that the driver would call me an hour before actual receipt of the shipment. All went as planned. I was not there at the delivery time but my wife was and the courteous driver got the box in the garage for her with a smile. Awesome.
I have ordered some foam to shadow board the drawers as I want to keep this as neat as it is beautiful.
I am impressed completely with the quality of the box and the drawer sliders as well as the sturdy casters.
I will write back when I have put some tools in it but I just had to write in now to show my enthusiasm for this toolbox and the entire process.
Thanks again for a great product and process. (Posted on 1/9/2015)

Keith A. from Wilmington, Massachusetts

View Product: Tool Vault 72" 16 Drawer Tool Cabinet