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Montezuma 56" Tool Boxes, Roller Cabinets, & Tool Chests

Montezuma 56" 11 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Item #: MTZ-BK5611TC

Our Price: $1,120.00

22 Reviews

Montezuma 56" 18 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: MTZ-BK5618C

Our Price: $1,785.00

6 Reviews

56" Montezuma 7 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: MTZ-BK5607CH

Our Price: $697.00

1 Review

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Great Box!

As a Marine Corps diesel mechanic I've worked with various brands of tools and boxes, and a fair amount of Snap On gear. I am now working as a motorcycle mechanic and needed my own box with the same great quality that would hold up to whatever beating I could give it without costing a fortune. Finding this box on sale was a great find! I couldn't have been happier to get a good quality box so cheap! The same box at Snap On would have cost well over 5x times the amount!

This box is great and very sturdy, although I do have some problems trying to lock the drawers and have to make sure they are all pushed in or at just the right spot. I also found that the locks have a sweet spot if you tighten them down a little, it makes locking the drawers a little easier. The box does not come assembled, and you have to place the casters and the handle yourself. The only thing I wish this box had was drawer locks instead of detents, but they seem to hold in place just fine. I attached pics showing the box in my one car garage when I received it, and the middle drawer is holding the bottom half of two tool kits, one a Gear Wrench set and another Channel Lock set I've had for years. The drawer is filled and still slides open like a champ. I'll be using next time to upgrade! (Posted on 7/13/2015)

L.J from Orlando, FL

View Product: 56" Tool Vault 21 Drawer Tool Cabinet & Top Chest