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Montezuma Portable Tool Boxes

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I had read several reviews about the problem of stacking the top box on the bottom and not scratching it was a problem. If you leave the thick black bottom box cover on you cannot install the retaining clips to hold the top box to the bottom box. To not scratch the top of my bottom box I took the large piece of Masonite (1/8in thick) that was in the packaging and cut it to fit the top of the bottom box and removed the thick black board that came with the bottom box as a pattern, installed it and put the top box on with the retaining clips, looks and works great..

Great buy, good quality. This was the best packaged unit I have seen. To damage these units someone would really have to be an idiot, fortunately mine was not. The time from order to receipt was 5 days and that included a weekend, from Ill. to Oklahoma. Great order, shipping, and communication service from start to finish. (Posted on 1/17/2013)

JG Farmer from Jay, Oklahona

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