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Montezuma Portable Tool Boxes

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Extreme EX7217RC & Montazuma MTZ-IM350 Toolboxes

I purchased the Montezuma MTZ-IM350 Toolbox and the Extreme Toolbox EX7217RC. What a surprise when out of the crate jumped this girl to help me with my tools :) :) , WOW! I used her for days to get all my tools straightened up, Shanon you are the man... LOL

Shanon recommended the Montezuma for the organizational capabilities of the sockets and wrenches with such easy access, while recommending the Extreme for the rest of the Misc. tools. And he was absolutely right. One flick of the Montazuma's handle and it springs open giving you instant access to the most used tools in the shop. So, I placed it right on top of the Extreme box, In the Extreme box I placed everything else I can imagine would fit (Accept the girl) :( :( I spent days and days reading reviews and pricing different toolboxes, Strictly Toolboxes beat everyone's price even a guy on Ebay who couldn't deliver. They are built so well, I set the drawers like a staircase so that girl in the photo actually walked to the top of the toolchest using the drawers (I had to hold her for safety of course.. :) :) I also added the optional wheels, I call them spinners, I got them because they just make the box look even better.. Both boxes are rugged, heavy duty and seemingly bullet proof. Delivery was quick and punctual, communication from Strictly Tool Boxes about time of arrival and etc. was phenomenal. Their is only 2 things I can say to improve these boxes, 1) is if you made that bottom drawer 4 inches deeper I could fit that girl in there,,, :) and 2) The matting that comes from the factory in the Extreme drawers isn't the best, Once you have your tools all freakishly organized like I do, when you close the drawers they tend to slide back just a little each time with all your tools on them.. Its not a big deal it was just annoying to open my tool drawer and find the padding shifted back 1/4 inch.. Doesn’t seem to be enough friction in the rubber mating to hold them in place, however it was easily fixed by purchasing third party tool drawer padding.. Now this setup is perfection at its finest.. :) And that’s just the way I ROLL.. :) :)

Mark DiPadova
PS. I'm the guy putting my shoes back on, Girl was gone.. :) :) (Posted on 1/8/2012)

Mark from Los Angeles, California

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