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Montezuma Portable Tool Boxes

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Thing is HUGE. I was able to put all my tools in 1 place, and that alone is worth the money I spent for this monster!

I have been a mechanic for approximately 45 years ranging from a surface coal mine mechanic to a mechanic testing and repairing new cars in a auto manufacturing plant. I have had about every brand tool box available from the big box stores to the tool truck brands. I decided I needed to replace my Craftsman 3 tier set as I was running out of room. I have been on the lookout for a large toolbox for several weeks now and by accident I came across this Strictly Toolboxes website. I was apprehensive about it as it is made overseas, and not being able to actually see one up close. I read all the reviews and didn't find anything negative about the quality, so I bit and ordered one.

Shannon was great with setting up the order and follow thru. I ordered it on a Saturday and received it the following Friday even had the July 4th holiday in there. After placing the order I received several e-mails letting me know the tracking number, carrier, bill of lading number and the delivery date. I opted for the lift gate option and believe me folks it's worth the 30 bucks.

The FED-EX man was super, he wheeled it into my garage for me and enjoyed a Gatorade as I unpacked it (it was 103 that day). This baby would have withstood a nuclear blast the way it was packed. It came as no surprise there was no damage. After enlisting some help to lift everything into place, I realized this thing is HUGE. I was able to put all my tools in 1 place, and that alone is worth the money I spent for this monster. I will be ordering the side box just to have it just in case the wife buys me some more tools. If you are looking for a BIG quality box for a great price call Shannon at Strictly Tool Boxes and fear not as this was a very pain free and worthwhile purchase which I can enjoy for years to come.

THANKS FED-EX and THANKS SHANNON (Posted on 7/16/2012)

Top Fuel from Canton, Illinois

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