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Montezuma Portable Tool Boxes

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Outstanding Product and Service

This was my first order from, but it was an absolutely top-notch experience.

I was a bit hesitant to order a large and expensive toolbox online, without having had the benefit of spending some time with the product first. You know, opening and closing drawers, getting a sense for the "wobble" in the drawer and how the tool box feels overall... But, after having read a couple of reviews of this Montezuma toolbox, and the enthusiasm that the owners shared for the product, I decided to give it some serious consideration. I also read a couple of online queries where the prospective customer was asking some very "aggressive" questions about the quality of the spot welds on the tool box, and Shannon did just the opposite of what I expected -- instead of merely giving lip service to the inquiry, he posted about a half-dozen extremely close-up pictures of the spot welds just to make the point that he sells only quality goods. Those photos and Shannon's professional demeanor toward this inquirer closed the deal.

The ordering process went very smoothly and, fifteen minutes later, I had a confirmation of my order. Shannon's team kept me up to date on every step of the provisioning process, including a delay in the shipping due to some customs paperwork. These guys are true professionals, and they went out of their way to keep me apprised of developments, including release of the tool box to FedEx, and then a hand-off to the FedEx tracking system with instructions of what I needed to do upon receipt of the tool box.

The tool box arrived on the date promised, and the FedEx delivery guy was just dying to see what was inside the box (he was a tool nut, too). So, he helped me unpack the toolbox and we both checked the tool cabinet and top chests for damage (there was none). He was as impressed as I was with just how heavy and stout this toolbox was, and how well the product was packed on the pallet. So, I assembled the tool box, which took about an hour, and it was up and ready for business. Moving the tool box around the shop was "fun" as it is big and very heavy, but I got what I asked for...

I've had the tool box for about a month now, and it is a true joy to use. Built like a freakin' tank, heavy, solid, and HUGE, it is exactly what I was looking for. I was concerned that the box might be a little "tinny", like some of the more expensive toolboxes down at Sears but, frankly, there is no comparison -- this tool box is so much more. I've since loaded up all of my tools, including many of my electronics tools (i.e. scopes, soldering gear, electronics tools), and I still have plenty of room left over. The drawer mats provided with the box are superb, heavy cushiony vinyl, perfectly cut for the drawer, and they keep the tools in place. The drawers are glass smooth when opening and closing, and closing requires a little extra nudge as the drawers all have detents to stay closed. The paint job borders on automotive quality, and all of the fittings scream quality. There isn't a cheap piece of anything on this tool box, and I have no question that it will last a lifetime.

So, in closing, not only was the toolbox far more than I expected, in all aspects (quality, utility, value, fit and finish), but the ordering process and customer service made the entire process so much better. I will likely need to get a second (smaller) toolbox in the next few years, and I will definitely be coming back to Thanks, Shannon and team. You guys have earned a five-by-five rating from me. (Posted on 5/31/2011)

Erik J. from Newberg, OR

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