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Montezuma Portable Tool Boxes

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I have been using a medium Montezuma toolbox on and around the farm for a long time we bought the box in the mid 90's. Since I have went to work as a AMS Specialist (GPS Guy) at the local John Deere Dealership I have to deal with Metric and SAE hardware. The medium box only had room for one size so I upgraded. I just got everything transferred! The lid is not as strong as the other lid and I wish the lift racks had props to hold them up. I like it also so I can easy all my tools before I leave a job so I do not forget a tool. I recommend this toolbox to everyone!! (Posted on 8/30/2011)

Garret from Thomasville, GA

View Product: Montezuma Professional Portable Tool Box - Large (30" x 19")