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Montezuma Portable Tool Boxes

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Superb quality at an amazing price!!

After having several smaller lesser quality boxes over the years I decided it was time to get a professional grade box, but couldn't bring myself to spend $3000-$5000 for a box. Like many people on here I was hesitant to purchase without seeing/feeling the box in person. My fear was that this would be a bigger box but same quality as my local home improvement store's was I wrong! The feel and quality of this box far surpasses anything I was expecting.
Drawers feel solid and glide smoothly even when loaded.
Locking system feels very high quality.
Fit/finish is amazing.
In my opinion this is the best box you can get for the money.
Customer service was also very amazing. Received a phone call when box shipped...customer service you just can't find anymore, especially when ordering from a website. (Posted on 2/25/2013)

Rusty from Boyd, Texas

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