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Montezuma Portable Tool Boxes

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AWESOME toolbox everywhere!!

I don't know what to say but after almost one year of waiting and researching of all kinds of brands. I should NOT have waited that long!! I do have the sxxp-off guy that comes to my work and I have asked for the exact same setup that I bought and after seeing the price, and the exact amount was close to $12,000. I just laughed in a sarcastic way, turned around and walked away. I knew there was something out there that has same or even better quality as those big boys. Boy, I tell you what, this surpassed my expectation above and beyond. I am smiling from my left ear to my right ear all the way!! The funniest part is the sxxp-off guy came up to me and saw my box and he was just floored about the quality and the price. Also my fellow co workers were amaze to see the quality of this box and says man, this thing is HUGE for that amount of money to pay for!! I was worried about the shipment but no worries, it was intact. I did have a small problem with my bottom drawer and it was just a detent. I called and sent me a new one next day, what a piece of cake to replace and works perfectly. The guy I spoke to just knew the problem without explaining too much. Such an awesome group of people there and very understanding. You guys will be hearing from me in the near future to buy more stuff. After spending that amount of money on this box, I was able to spend a ton of more on tools. The truth to be told, the tools makes you money and the box is just a beautiful fixture to look at. Everyday I come to work, I just smile looking at it and brightens my day EVERY time other than seeing my wife and son when I get home. I even also have more space and some empty drawers, so that means time to buy more tools and fill'em up bud! (Posted on 7/11/2013)

Sebastian from somerset, Massachusetts

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