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Montezuma Side Cabinets & Lockers

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I have been searching for a tool box for about a year and considered the tool truck boxes. The only problem i had with the tool truck boxes is that they're way expensive. I started searching for boxes online through google and craigslist. I ran into this site and at first was considering an Extreme box. A friend of mine and said he had seen a montezuma box in person and that it was built pretty dam solid. So i called Strictly and talked to Shannon and he was able to tell me the differences in the tool boxes. in the end went with the Montezuma 72 inch classic. The box was shipped in a huge crate. there was minor damage to the outside of the crate. Opened the crate up to find another box inside. no damage to that box. Very well packed. The tool box is massive. the drawers are stiffer that i thought they would be. they roll real smooth. the drawers extend all the way out which is awesome. the box locks very well. the liners are decent, not the best but do what they need to do. the top that comes with the box is really thick. The other techs in the shop were amazed by the quality of this thing. i got nothing but thumbs up with the choice i had made. hopefully in a year or two ill end up getting a 56 inch montezuma for my home garage. Very Impressed with the box. (Posted on 3/12/2013)

clop420 from Alsip, IL

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