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Montezuma Side Cabinets & Lockers

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Love my new box!

I first learned of Strictly Toolbox through the garage Journal forum. I was a little hesitant, mainly because I wasn't 100% sure which box would be the best bang for my buck. Upon initially calling, I spoke with Joe, who recommended the Tool Vault 5621 for me. I bought the box, and the purchase, as well as shipping, went 110% smoothly. After the purchase, I had spoke with Shannon through PM on GJ, and he too recommended the same I knew I had made the right decision. This was my first "big" box, and I am both surprised and amazed. I was reluctant to buy such a large box, saying "I'll never fill that."...well I did, and quickly! I'm already dreaming of a 72"! I looked at several different brands, and the specs were equivalent, and even surpassed by the comparable Tool Vault model. Price, isn't that what everybody looks at? I never would of guesses that I could of bought this box, for less than $2,000, DELIVERED! The only concern I had upon making the purchase, was the detents. I preferred a lock-type drawer, and was very hesitant about the detents. I spoke with Shannon after the box was delivered, and couldn't express enough, how much I liked the detents in these drawers! They weren't tight, but were firm. They took a little effort to open, ensuring that the drawers won't "creep" open. I'm very pleased with my purchase, from the initial inquiry, to the purchase, setup, and then follow up. I don't use my box all day, every day, like some, but I still see a lifetime of use from this quality product. I'm a self-employed truck driver, and I do my own wrenching, as well as customizing, and this box was a wise decision. For anyone looking for a nice box at a fair price, this 5621 is the ticket, unless of course you want to spring for a bigger one! (Posted on 5/2/2013)

JG from New Castle , Pennsylvania

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