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Montezuma Roller Cabinets with Top Chest Combination Sets

Montezuma 41" 19 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: MTZ-BK4119C

Our Price: $1,157.00

6 Reviews

Montezuma 36" 14 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: MTZ-BK3614C

Our Price: $1,279.00

1 Review

Montezuma 56" 18 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: MTZ-BK5618C

Our Price: $1,650.00

6 Reviews

Montezuma Elite 72" 36 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: MTZ-EliteCombo6

Our Price: $6,800.00

1 Review

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Great Toolbox

At first I was a bit leary of buying a toolbox online without first seeing it. But I did and I couldn't wait until it arrived I unboxed it and was extremely satisfied with the quality of the box. I transfered all my tools over to my new box and was amazed at still how much room I have or had left at that time. Everyone in the shop was amazed at the quality of the toolbox. I am currently in the process of trying to sell my brand name toolbox and will definitely be purchasing another toolbox from STB. The sales reps are really friendly and knowledgeable. Look for my new toolbox order within the next couple of months. Thanks guys for everything. Absolutely love the toolbox. (Posted on 3/13/2015)

Dieseltech2 from Knoxville TN

View Product: Tool Vault Elite 72" 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet