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Montezuma Roller Cabinets & Tool Cabinets

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We had to replace our tool boxes we worked from in the fab and StricklyToolboxes came through for us. This tool box is perfect for what we do. We have plenty of room for our specialty tools along with our everyday tools. We work in the semiconductor industry and have a 7X24 contract and are subsequently in and out of these tool boxes daily. Our old tool boxes were worn out and the drawers would come open as we were simply rolling it to where we needed it. I was impressed that this box came with a 5 year warranty and asked a number of questions to the salesman about this and how it worked. I plan to use it to keep these boxes in top shape and keep my team happy with them. So far nothing negative to report from any of my team of 22 engineers. They are pleased with the larger work space on the stainless steel top that we got and there is more room to work in preparing parts for replacement on our equipment. Also the locks work on these! Our old ones the locks had worn out and we were missing tools left and right. So the new box with the lock is a big hit with my team. I plan to come back here the next time I need additional or replacement tool boxes. (Posted on 11/29/2013)

Scott from Orem, Utah

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