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Montezuma Tool Chests & Top Chests

Montezuma 41" 8 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: MTZ-BK4108CH

Our Price: $565.00

56" Montezuma 7 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: MTZ-BK5607CH

Our Price: $697.00

Montezuma 72" Tool Box Hutch

Item #: MTZ-7200H

Our Price: $1,190.00

72" Montezuma 13 Drawer Tool Chest

Item #: MTZ-7213CH

Our Price: $1,887.00

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41" Portable Workstation Chest

This Item is perfect. Everyone who enters the garage are checking it out and asking a lot of questions like what was the price where I found it where it shipped from. They also comment on it being the perfect Topper and how everything is readily accessible. I am very pleased with the amount of it's tool capacity. I now have room in my bottom for my specialty tools and electronics. I even had one of our Tool reps taking pictures of it and he mentioned that he had seen it at a trade show and will be selling them but stated he would be selling them at a higher price that yours. I end with this, the 41" Portable Workstation by Extreme Tools is by far a Great purchase Quality, Value and Design excellent! (Posted on 2/22/2013)

Ottotek from Scranton PA

View Product: Extreme 41" Portable Workstation Chest