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Montezuma Tool Chests & Top Chests

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What a box!!

This box looks even better than the pictures. Great customer experience. I had the box three days after i ordered it. The box was professionally crated and did not have any damage when it arrived. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

I wish Strictly Tool Boxes offered closed cell foam to put in the drawers to shadow the tools.

About the shiping company: while the shipment was fast, i don't believe a lot of thought was put into the actual delivery. For example, i requested a lift gate. They showed up with a semi to a residential neighborhood. I hadto plead with the driver to attempt backing into my driveway. Then, the box and pallet jack together wwould not fit on the lift gate. Between the two of us, we were eventually able to get it off the truck. The driver was nice and helped uncrate the box. However, he would not take the crate with him so i had a pile of trash to contend with. (Posted on 10/27/2012)

Mark from Haslet, TX

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