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Portable Tool Boxes

Extreme 30" Portable Workstation Chest

Item #: EX-PWS3000TX

Our Price: $525.00

Extreme 41" Portable Workstation Chest

Item #: EX-PWS4100TX

Our Price: $785.00

Extreme 36" 5 Drawer Road Box

Item #: EX-TXRSB-3605BK

Our Price: $785.00

Extreme 41" Deluxe Portable Workstation Chest

Item #: EX-PWS4105TX

Our Price: $1,235.00

30” Extreme Portable Workstation Combo Set

Item #: EX-PWSRC3018TX

Our Price: $1,189.00

36" Montezuma Tool Cabinet & Crossover Tool Chest

Item #: MTZ-BK3606C

Our Price: $1,329.00

41” Extreme Portable Workstation Combo Set

Item #: EX-PWSRC4118TX

Our Price: $1,565.00

41" Deluxe Portable Workstation Set

Item #: EX-PWSRC4129TX

Our Price: $2,229.00

Featured Review

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Advanced Hobbyist

Really nice tool box!!!

I'm really impressed with this tool box. Buying it on-line without seeing it in person made me a bit nervous, but after reading all the reviews I took a gamble and couldn't be happier. I outgrew my 26" Craftsman and needed a bigger tool box. I started looking at used Snap-on's but couldn't find one for a reasonable price, and looking at the tool boxes at Sears left me unimpressed with the quality. The Montezuma is leaps and bounds ahead of the higher end Craftsman I looked at, and costs less too! Quality is real good...better than I was expecting. The large draws have double ball bearing tracks and are reinforced under the draw for added strength. The draws roll real smooth and the tool box just looks great in blue. My only problem now is filling up the draws....there is so much space. All draws have liners included. I wasn't a big fan of the <a href=""></a> emblems so I took them off (one was a bit loose at the corner already). They came right off without much effort. The powder coat on the tool box look nice and has a decent shine to it. The draw handles aren't polished, they have a bit of a dull texture to them which will show dirt/grime, but should be easy enough to clean.

The packaging of the tool boxes inside and to protect the boxes, on the pallet was very good. I received the tool boxes without any damage. I ordered my tool box on a Monday afternoon, it shipped Tuesday morning, and was in my garage on Friday.

If you're on the fence about this one, don't be, it's a great tool box. (Posted on 2/10/2012)

Mike from Middleboro, MA

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