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I really like my Toolbox

Got my 72" Extreme toolbox today, it was like Christmas, This is a really nice box, the photos of it on the website dont do it any justice, gotta see it in person, great finish, nice chrome accents,has good draw pulls, I like them the way they came, but it comes with the extra parts to install if you feel the drawers are to hard to open, but the box is big enough and heavy enough that a good hard pull isnt going to move it, I ordered it on a teusday night, got a call from the folks at Strictlytoolboxes the next day letting me know that it had been shipped,and that they had sent me 2 emails, one with my tracking info ,the other the inspection steps, great people to work with, I'd buy from them again, and I'll be trying to send some business their way,everyone at the shop was very impressed with the box and were shocked at how little it cost compared to gettin one of the tool trruck (Posted on 8/17/2012)

Randall from Birmingham Alabama

View Product: Extreme 72" 18 Drawer Tool Cabinet w/Stainless Steel Top (ON BACKORDER)