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My new tool box

I just started a new job and i was looking for a tool box that i could buy instead of bringing my box from home when i was told to look at your site to see what i thought.The person that told me had purchased a tool box from you not to long ago so i thought i would check it out.After comparing prices from other brands like Craftsman,Snap on,Mac ect. and finding out how much cheaper you are and the quality of the boxes i decided to order my new box from you.I ordered my box when i got home on a Thursday evening late and my box was delivered on a Tuesday morning.That was pretty fast because i live in northern Minnesota in a small town so i was pretty happy with the speedy delivery.When i recieved my new box i inspected it and it was very nice and seemed to be very good quality.I have had my box now for a few weeks and i can not see anything wrong with it.The drawers the finish and the all around quality is just as well made as the top brands available.The only thing that i wish it had was a handle for both sides on the roll cabinet instead of just on one side.Sence i have recieved my box i have took other people about Strickly Tool Boxes even a person that works for Sears selling tools and he was going to check it out.Im glad that i ordered my new box from you and if i need more room in the future i would order another one again.Thanks for the very nice box and i would recomend other people take advantage and buy a box from you and i feel that they would be just as satiafied as i am.

Thank you Rick from Minnesota (Posted on 9/6/2012)

Richard from Orr, Minnesota

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