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Roller Cabinets with Top Chest Combination Sets

41" Deluxe Portable Workstation Set

Item #: EX-PWSRC4129TX

Our Price: $2,229.00

Extreme 56" 21 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX5621-Cart-Special

Our Price: $2,485.00

Extreme 56" 30 Drawer Tool Box Set

Item #: EX5621Special-2

Our Price: $2,820.00

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All around great experience.

We purchased the 56" Montezuma tool box models. The one set was for my son to take to college, to use in lab. The others are for my home "shop". The quality of the tool boxes is better than I expected. Very, very nice units.

My employer supplies the tool box I use at work, it is a "big name brand". I would put the Montezuma right up there with it. I actually like my new Montezuma's better.

Customer service from is simple amazing. What a great organization. Thanks again! (Posted on 1/12/2012)

Mike from Flint Michigan

View Product: 56" Tool Vault 21 Drawer Tool Cabinet & Top Chest