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Great Box!!!

I am a Machinist that had outgrown my box and needed a larger box with large drawers for some of my expensive tools that would not fit in my standard box (I have digital calipers that are 0-40" and starret mics that range from 0-16". This box was perfect!!! More than happy with the investment. The orange is beautiful and matches the orange on my Charmilles Wire EDM's very nicely. Quality is some of the best I have seen. Shipping was flawless, arrived to my shop in 4 days with no issues and the box was packaged very well. The MDF top is much nicer than I had expected and will last for years. Very happy with the investment and may buy another one in the future for my garage. Would definatly recomed strictlytoolboxes.com to anyone, they are a very good company to work with and the service is great. I had 3 emails and a phone call reguarding my order, great customer service!!! (Posted on 5/8/2013)

Ultimate Tool & Die Inc. from Lake City, TN

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