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A Great Box Priced Right

OK where do I start, like the rest of everyone out there I was looking for a large good quality toolbox that would not break the bank. Yeah you can spend a fortune to get a top name brand or go el'cheapo with the box store brands. Spent several months looking at new and used on the internet and in the stores to find nothing that was worth the price they were asking. Came across "Strictlytoolboxes.com" on a search one day, looked at all they had to offer, but was hesitant to commit to the purchase. Did some research on them, like you are doing right now and gave them a call. Shannon answered all of my questions and decided to go for it.

Let me tell you this toolbox for the price is spot on. Everything from the finish to the solid construction is top notch, nothing flimsy about this one. Hey they say you get what you pay for and this tool box is way above my expectations for the price. The drawers are ridged and glide in and out, even when loaded up to the max. The castors not only lock the wheels from rolling, but also keep the castors from swiveling around after locked.......your tool box stays put. This thing is well built and should last me for years and years, might even be the last toolbox I ever buy.

Now for the shipping, if you are a little leery about shelling out the dough because the whole shipping thing is kind of intimidating. Let me tell you this think comes wrapped to the hilt and each tool box is banded to it's own skid that are on top of another larger skid. Hey accidents can happen and you need to do the inspection before signing anything or your SOL. I live in the country and have a long driveway. The FedEx driver backed all the way down the driveway to the house with a tractor trailer, helped unload, unpack and inspect for damages. He even admired the toolbox and could not be-leave what I paid for it with delivery. I think you may have another potential buyer in the near future.

Don't be hesitant, go for it and trust me you'll wish you would have gotten it sooner. Oh, Shannon also turned me on to a site that makes custom covers for your new beloved tool box. The site is comsew.com and I should be getting mine in a couple of days.

Thanks for the Box that Rocks!!!! (Posted on 5/25/2012)

Dan from Kansasville, WI

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